beachWhat kind of church is LCBC? Our doctrinal statement tells you what we believe, but it doesn’t capture our church’s culture. As you may have discovered already in looking for a church home, two churches may hold to the same doctrine, but after you’ve worshiped with them you see a remarkable difference in how they encourage their people to live out their faith. Here are some of the core values that we emphasize to our congregation….

Authenticity—In a culture that’s jaded and cynical, we humbly seek to live a genuine faith before people who think that the word Christian is synonymous with the word hypocrite.

Transparency—We seek to be defined by the phrase: “What You See Is What You Get.” As a result, you won’t find perfect people here. You will find real people with real struggles whom Christ is transforming by the power of the Gospel.

Balance–It seems like our country is more polarized than ever before. Although the truth of God’s Word should never be compromised on the altar of cultural relevance, we believe there’s wisdom in avoiding extremes.

Majoring on the Majors & Minoring on the Minors—Our LCBC Doctrinal Values break our beliefs into three categories. First, we teach the core beliefs that every orthodox Christian throughout the world accepts. Second, we recognize there are important secondary teachings that Christians debate (i.e., baptism, the Lord’s Supper, etc.) and thus choose to fellowship in one church over another. Consequently, we emphasize the Doctrinal Values that make LCBC unique. Third, we seek to put our individual convictions into proper perspective. It’s very easy for Christians to equate a personal conviction (i.e., politics, parenting philosophy, etc.) to the status of a core Christian doctrine. As a result, we seek to major on the majors and minor on the minors.

Internals Over Externals—God looks on the heart and so should we. Although God cares deeply about our actions, Jesus emphasizes our attitudes that underlie our behavior. At LCBC, this is the foundation of our counseling and discipleship.

Grace—We err on the side of God’s grace at LCBC. Although God does hate sin, He sent His Son to save humans from their sin. Our doors are open to all who are looking for answers from the hope of the Gospel. Furthermore, we show grace to our brothers and sisters in Christ as they struggle in their faith.

Love—We believe the Christian life is founded on the two Great Commandments. Those who love God should love people whom God has made in His own image. At LCBC, we emphasize a love for our brothers and sisters in Christ and a love for all people whether they share our faith or not.

Truth—The Apostle Paul tells us “to speak the truth in love.” At LCBC, you will hear the Truth of God’s Word communicated with passion and conviction, but with a tender and humble spirit.

Family—In a society where many are raised by a single parent, we believe the local church can help children, teens and adults alike find a safe place where they’re welcome and loved. We believe a church is a spiritual family where God’s children can grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Organic—We’re not into fads at LCBC. We believe every local church should reflect its community and culture. Therefore, our message and mission, though anchored in God’s timeless Word, is uniquely tailored to those who live on the Shoreline in Southeastern New England.

Creativity—We love the arts here at LCBC. We’re blessed with a talented group of musicians and actors. We encourage people to use such gifts in the community and in the church. Consequently, you will find music and drama as an integral part of our worship and outreach.